Dutch Opera Studio professional production:



*  Expects the singers to be well prepaired

    on the first stage rehearsal, knowing the music by

    heart. Using the book is undesirable


*  Will stage the opera in approximately 10 rehearsals, depending on

    the opera.


*  Will organize 2 musical rehearsals before

    starting the stage rehearsals


*  The costs of both musical and stage rehearsals can be

    estimated after all participants have subscribed to a

    production and the number of participants is known.

    Costs per participant depend on her/his role.

    Indication of costs based on past productions: for

    small/medium roles about 150 euro and 225 euro

    for a big role. As we trie to keep the prices as

    low as possible a participant who withdraws from the

    production after de prices have been worked out,

    would increase all participants costs and therefore is

    to be held responsable for the financial loss. He/she will

    have to pay the agreed fee.


*  Guarantees every singer his/her performance to sing the role,

    fully staged


*  Has the right to deny a singer the performance if he/she missed to

    many stage rehearsals and/or is not capable to perform the role


*    Has the right to demand more rehearsals if needed. Costs will be

    passed on to the castmembers on a pro rata basis and charged



*  Will share profits, after subtracting the costs, with the professional

    singers in case of a commercial buy out




Dutch Opera Studio, KvK. nr: 37140466, Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam