The basic aim of Dutch Opera Studio is to offer high level vocal training for all passionate singers, conservatory students and graduates, as well as professional singers from The Netherlands, the European Union and the rest of the world.


Dutch Opera Studio rather believes in vocal qualities and stage presence as a basis for success and is not preoccupied with singers’ appearences or age. This means that we encourage talented people, regardless of their looks and age, to develop their vocal qualities and stage presence. The opera audiences yearn to be able to listen to rich, full, exiting voices.



We can help you:


*   If you want advice about your voice, voicetype and "fach"

*   If you want a vocal checkup

*   If you want advice how to get into the opera-business

*   If you want to make a professional CV

*   If you need to add roles to your CV

*   If you experience vocal limits or vocal changes you didn't

     have before or think you shouldn't have

*   If you experience (post) Conservatory vocal stress and

     want help



We organize:


*   Private coachings and singinglessons

*   Workshops

*   Participation in fully staged productions



Dutch Opera Studio, KvK. nr: 37140466, Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam